Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night I posted a message on my Facebook wall about getting out the anti smoking message: ....."I BEG ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND THEIR EXTENDED FRIENDS AND FAMILIES TO STOP SMOKING..PLEASE.....too many good and wonderful friends are suffering and leaving us too soon as a result of this disgusting habit. It is something that we have soooo much control over and yet think it will never reach us. WELL IT DOES, it is like a crime and like all crimes, its torture, heartbreak and horror extend way beyond the victim".......I received some encouraging responses, but not enough. Too many of my friends have succumb to the dreadful sickness that results from smoking. One of the victims didn't even smoke that many years. How do we reach these young people who have no fear and can't imagine the future they are creating by smoking? I know it is a terrible addiction but there has to be a way to reach them.

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